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Shirley Kear - A Kear’s Speed Shop parts truck has been coming to Fremont Speedway for over 40 years. It was 1969 when Shirley and her late husband Chuck would pack up a truck and head to “The Track That Action Built” to sell parts to the racers who would all become like family to the Tiffin couple. In fact, many, many racers would have quit or not been able to race if it wasn’t for the Kears. Often times, after a crash, a team didn’t have the resources to put their car back together. Shirley would simply tell them to get what they needed and arrangements would be made for payment later. Shirley was one of the first – if not THE first female – to grace the pits at Fremont Speedway and other tracks across the country. Shirley continues to operate Kear’s Speed Shop with the help of her family.

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