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Lamar Burkin


Lamar began driving a modified in 1962.  He raced on and off for several years but gladly gave up the seat to other racers like Hall of Famers Johnny Auxter, Lamar Berryman, Fred Linder, Bob Knoll and others like Bill Northcut, Larry Nahm, and Rollie Alvers.


In 2002, Lamar's son convinced him to turn his 'vintage' sprint car into a 305 team.  With Andy Shammo behind the wheel, the team won the Attica Raceway Park championship in 2006 and the Fremont Speedway title in 2007.  The team also won the Computer Man Dash championship in 2007.


Lamar continued to own a 305 sprint car until 2009.  He is a regular at Fremont Speedway cheering on his grandson, Mike.


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