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Ken Smith


Ken Smith started attending races at Fremont Speedway in 1956 when his brother-in-law started racing a stock car.  As a teenager in the late 1950's, he started writing race results and submitting photos to several area newspapers.

Former Fremont Speedway Promoter Dot Stelter asked Ken to help in the scorers' booth in the late 1960's.  Over several years, he also worked as a scorer at McCutchenville, Findlay, and Sandusky Speedways.  In the early 1970's Ken was asked to be the official Fremont Speedway photographer.

When the Mid American Auto Racing News started, Ken was a weekly contributor with his column "Trackside" as well as submitting Fremont Speedway race reports and photos.  Over many years, he also wrote articles and submitted photos to the MARC Times Racing News and the National Speed Sport News.

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