Joe Wright and Bob Leaser. The duo fielded cars driven by hall of famers Herb Robinson, Harold McGilton, Al Franks and Fred Linder. It all began around 1948 when Bob Leaser, Tom Leaser, Mason Simmons and Joe Wright purchased an old sectioned Crosley Body from John Auxter and hired Robinson to drive and he won the Six-Cylinder Sportsman championship at Fremont . In 1963 Wright and Leaser bought a CAE sprint car kit and with McGilton behind the wheel the team – one of the first to use a “wing” - won the Fremont championship in 1964. Mason would split from the team in 1965, taking McGilton with him. Wright and Leaser would then hire Franks to wheel their #55 car. That combination won features and track championships all over the region. When Franks left the team, Ralph Quarterson then drove the car and won double features at Findlay the first night out followed by a win at Mercer Raceway the next night and a fourth with the All Stars at Sharon Speedway. Linder would join the Wright/Leaser team in 1971 and the team won several features. The Wright/Leaser team would retire from racing in 1972. Hall of famer Gug Keegan also drove the Wright/Leaser machine to a Fremont feature win.