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Earl Griffith, of Sandusky, Ohio, was on the Robinson pit crew and also worked on Harold McGilton’s team that won 24 features in one season. He eventually opened his own engine building shop which is operated in Sandusky to this day by Gary Griffith. The list of drivers who have utilized Griff’s Engines and have won races include Robinson, McGilton, George Fosco, Dean Mast, Gug Keegan, Bob Knoll, Harry Kresser, Dave Hoover, Doc Dawson, Armond Holly, Bob Davis, Gill Sams Jr., Danny Boyd, Dick Raifsnider, Rick Unger, Rollie Beale, Al Beale, Darl Harrison, Jim Fleming, Jim Keegan, Dale Hasselbach, Rollie Alvers, Jim Sexton, Jim Ward, Ken Clark and many more.

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