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Chuck Keegan 


Chuck, a truck driver by trade, bought his first race car in 1956 with a lot of the work being done by his brother Ed Burr and cousin Paul Keegan because Chuck was on the road all week. Chuck’s wife, Marilyn would go get the parts the team needed. Paul drove the cars most of the time because as hall of fame member Jim Linder remembered “Chuck would run wide open and scare you.” Chuck loved kids and the Linder boys would hang out at the house in their teen years. Chuck owned three race cars between 1956 and 1960. When Paul got hurt in another car, Chuck let his car sit idle, eventually giving it to Jim Linder to start his driving career. Chuck was a generous person, often times lending other racers parts off his own passenger car during a night of racing then having to wait to go home until the races were over and the parts could be put back on the passenger car.


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