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Bruce Berryman


Bruce started racing late models in 1975 and was Fremont Speedway’s rookie of the year. He recorded four feature wins in the late model division at Fremont Speedway and won the track’s 1978 championship. After retiring from driving in 1988 he would later purchase a 305 sprint car and later a 410 sprint car for his son Doug to drive. From 2000 to 2007, Bruce and Doug racked up some 15 feature wins, including winning two 305 feature on the same night at Fremont Speedway (a make-up feature and the night’s regular feature). One of the things Bruce is most remembered for, however, is giving future racers a start in go-karts. Racers like Paul Weaver, John Ivy and Phil Gressman all drove go-karts for Bruce. When Skunk Hollow began a kids kart division it was Bruce who built most of the karts.


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