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Bobby Sears Jr. started going to the races in 1958 to watch his dad, Bobby Sears, and Uncle Otis Clymer race. Bobby rebuilt his first race care and engine when he was 13 years old and Clymer would drive it.

Bobby Jr. started driving in 1976 in the Lightening Rod division at Fremont Speedway for Bill and Albert Treen. He built his own car for the 1977 season for the sport stock division, wining 16 features that year, 10 at Fremont and the track championship.


Bobby Jr. moved to late models in 1979 and 1980. He finished 10th in the points in 1979. He won the street stock invitational in 1985. Bobby Jr. won six features at Sandusky Speedway in 2000 driving for Mike Dukeshire in the Sport Stock division.


Bobby Jr. became an owner/builder in 2001 fielding two dirt trucks driven by Bobby Davis and John Rhoads, with four feature wins with the teams finishing second and third in points. In 2002 the team won three more features and finished third in points.


Bobby Jr. would field a 305 sprint team in 2003 with Brian Smith winning a feature. In 2004 the team won the 305/360 challenge at Fremont and three other features to win the track championships at Fremont and Attica .


Bobby Jr. then fielded a 410 sprint car in 2008. The team won two features in 2009, and claimed the FAST championship series title. In 2010 the team won the 410 points championship at Fremont and had two feature wins.


As a driver Bobby had 23 feature wins including 12 at Fremont and won the track’s 1977 Sport Stock championship. As a car owner, Bobby’s teams won 48 features, 6 track championships and a FAST championship. Bobby’s drivers included Bob Sears, Otis Clymer, Mike Cowdrey, Bobby Davis, John Rhoads, L.J. Connors, John Auxter, Craig Keel, Brian Smith, Phil Gressman and Craig Mintz.


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